If you missed MOVIES YOU WANNA WATCH exclusive coverage of the hit indie doc, BEING CANADIAN have no fear…. NOW, you can relax and watch the episode on your own time at this link, HERE.

BEING CANADIAN is a humorous indie film that stars several famous comedians including:  Mike Myers, Ben Stiller, Kathy Griffin, Seth Rogen, Martin Short, Michael J. Fox, Will Arnett, William Shatner and many more!   According to the director, Emmy award winning comedy writer, Rob Cohen, BEING CANADIAN “took eight years” to create.

In the film, Rob takes viewers on a cross Canada roadtrip to discover what it really means to be Canadian.  BEING CANADIAN is Cohen’s acting and directorial debut.

Cohen explains why he needed to make this movie and why so many people were on board with it: “I love Canada and being a Canadian who lives in the States now, when I would speak to other Canadians they’d have the same comedic complaints. That people didn’t know or care about us. Or have these crazy misconceptions.”

BEING CANADIAN is a movie you wanna watch and is currently available on VOD, On-Demand, iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, Google Play and Vudu.

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