Tune in to Movies You Wanna Watch this Weekend! Starring Olivia Wilde, Reed Morano and Jacob Tremblay!

This Saturday, don’t miss MOVIES YOU WANNA WATCH’s exclusive coverage of the hit indie films, MEADOWLAND and ROOM!

ROOM is a harrowing film about Jack, a five year old boy who has been trapped in a room with his mother for his entire life.  In the movie, JACOB TREMBLAY plays Jack, who escapes the Room and finds a way to rescue his mom!  The MYWW team interviewed Jacob at the Hamptons International Film Festival, and he told us all about his role in the movie, which is getting some SERIOUS Oscar buzz.

MEADOWLAND is a gripping drama starring Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson.  In MEADOWLAND, Sarah (Olivia Wilde) and Phil (Luke Wilson) try to cope with life and keep their marriage together one year after the disappearance of their only child.  Wilde’s performance in the film has been universally acclaimed and there’s some definite Oscar buzz surrounding her.

We also interview the director of MEADOWLAND, Reed Morano, a super talented cinematographer turned director, and her new professional relationship with Olivia Wilde!

Plus, check out our interviews with the rest of the cast of MEADOWLAND: Mark Feuerstein, Giovanni Ribisi, and Ty Simpkins!

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