New Lovers Blake and Gwen Are Getting Creative

Daily Mixx Fixx

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, recent divorcées, are dating.  While this piece of news about the pair of The Voice judges is not new, Entertainment Tonight is reporting that their relationship might go beyond the romantic, and start turning professional.

Apparently Shelton and Stefani had an impromptu meeting at the Los Angeles studio where The Voice coach training happens.  Shelton arrived first, and was joined later by a rushed Gwen.  Entertainment Tonight also confirms that the couple have written a song together, so this meeting might have been the recording of the song.  The other theory might just be that they wanted a private place to their own for a while.

What exactly the new song might sound like, it’s unclear.  Blake did take Gwen to his ranch in Oklahoma recently, so maybe she’s taking a liking to country life and country music.  Should we expect the “Hollaback Girl” artist to start adding a bit more banjo to her songs?  Or Maybe Blake is trying to find the perfect mix of pop and country that turned Taylor Swift into the queen of the charts.