Clooney in Uniform!

Matt Damon and George Clooney on the set of upcoming movie “The Monuments Men.”


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By ITM Staff

“Arrested Developments” executive producer and creator, Mitch Hurwitz announced that they tried to get George Clooney to do a cameo on the fourth season. During a conference call to several reporters Mitch Hurwitz revealed the proposed storyline for Clooney, “‘George Sr. has this land in Mexico and they was going to be constantly spooked and chased off the land by these really handsome men. We were going to get people like George Clooney. And they’d be like, ‘Who are these guys? Who are these Mexicans that are trying to get us off their property?’ And at one point [the handsome men] were going to say, ‘We are the Mexican Romneys!’” “TV Fanatic’s” Matt Richenthal quoted.

George Clooney was recently spotted in England on set of his upcoming movie, “The Monuments Men.” Him and his co-stars Bill Murray and Matt Damon were looking good in uniform and Clooney was sporting a mustache.

Though Clooney’s cameo on ”Arrested Development” never happened, Liza Minnelli‘s did. Liza Minnelli has had a reoccurring role as “Lucille Austero” a.k.a “Lucille Two” since the very first season of “Arrested Development” and is featured in the new season that premiered on Netflix on May 26, 2013.  Liza will be performing at Weshampton Beach Performing Arts Center onJuly 6, 2013. Tune in to ”In The Mixx” this Saturday June 15, 2013 for an exclusive interview with Liza Minnelli.



Tony Hale as “Buster Bluth” and Liza Minnelli as “Lucille Austero” in “Arrested Development.”
Photo by Everett Collection