Elton John is ‘Grateful to be Alive’

Elton John at Yamaha’s 125th Anniversary concert. Photo Credit: Getty Images


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By ITM Staff

Some bad news for Sir Elton John. The ‘Rocketman’ singer had to postpone the rest of his European tour and cancel Friday’s gig at London’s Hyde Park. The culprit? A pesty case of appendicitis! It’s so bad that Elton admitted he feels, “lucky and grateful to be alive.”

John, 66, phoned his doctor after feeling ill while on tour. “I was a ticking time bomb,” said Elton, “I guess I could have died at any time.”

The singer had severe abdominal pain for weeks, but still pushed through 10 shows before visiting the doctors. In fact, before his illness worsened last Wednesday, Elton told a crowd at France’s Festival de Poupet that he was feeling ill but would do his best to perform.

His physician advised him to push back the shows and rest. In the meantime, Elton’s rep says the singer is currently taking a steady course of antibiotics.

The King of British Pop’s official website says the singer endured many in-depth tests before being diagnosed with “appendix abscess surrounding retrocaecal appendicitis.”

John will undergo surgery in the UK in the weeks to follow, but he will not return to touring until “he has fully recovered from both the planned surgery and any damage caused by the appendix abscess.”

According to his rep, Elton is “incredibly disappointed” to cancel the tour dates.

Elton was forced to cancel concert dates in the US last year when he was hit with a respiratory infection and food poisoning.

A spokesman for John says he wants his fans to know that he has made “super-human efforts and continued to perform to thousands through his illness” and “he is eager to be back on top form and return to play the remaining shows starting in early September 2013.”

Not to worry Elton John fans, the show will go on! The British singer’s Facebook says he is scheduled to return to the stage in the UK at the iTunes Music Festival on September 12th. Elton will also perform at the First District Arena in Leeds and at Bestival. Then the singer will head to Las Vegas for a month to perform at the Colosseum.