“Watch the Hair,” Uncle Jesse’s Back

John Stamos as ‘Jesse Katsopolis’ of Full house. (Photo Credit: ABC)


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By ITM Staff

John Stamos’ lovable Full House character, uncle Jesse Katsopolis (J.K.), known for his slick backed hair, dirty good looks, and rock star persona, is making a comeback on the set of the Late Late Show with Jimmy Fallon this Friday. Stamos, or shall we say, uncle Jesse, will be performing alongside his band Jesse and the Rippers.

The fictional band’s height of stardom came after they sang a cover of the Beach Boy’s “Forever” single during an episode of the show. The band even went on to create a music video for the hit song, which features J. K. but also cameo’s three of the beach boys. Sadly, the band disappeared when the Full House sitcom came to an end in 1995.

But get this…Stamos has been hinting to this reunion with Jesse and the Rippers since last weekend.

On Saturday, via Instagram, John posted a video of himself singing the Full House theme song. He captioned it, “never thought I’d be singing THIS song.”

John Stamos posts video of himself on Instagram singing the Full House theme song.


Then, through Jesse Katsopolis’  Twitter handle, he posted a picture of Jesse beating on a pair of congas, captioning it, “follow J.K. big news coming SOON. RT @jessandtheripp love playing the congas with @jesseandtheripp”

Stamos Tweet 1

John Stamos posts Twitter picture of J.K. playing the congas


And we were positive the band’s gig was ‘a go’ when Jesse tweeted, “less than a week— RIPPERS STORM NYC!!!”, along with a photo of  J.K.

JessPhoto copy

John Stamos tweets picture of himself, saying Jesse and the Rippers will reunite in NYC

In the past, Jimmy has been known to revive other fictional bands on his show. Back in 2009 Jimmy invited Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris on the 90s sitcom “Saved By the Bell“, to play the song “Friends Forever”. The song originated from Zack’s fake band,  Zack Attack.

Uncle Jesse on Fallon, hmm maybe a few other characters will drop by the set this Friday. After all, it wouldn’t be so much of a “Full House” reunion if uncle Jesse showed up all by his lonesome self.

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