Jennifer Lawrence Still Adjusting To Her Fame Stricken Life

Jennifer Lawrence becomes starstruck when she meets one of her all time favorite actors. Photo Credit:



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By ITM Staff

Didn’t think it was possible for celebrities to become starstruck? Think again. Jennifer Lawrence flipped out when she came across Jeff Bridges at Comic Con in San Diego.

Lawrence, 22, managed to work up enough courage to approach one of her favorite actors, Bridges, while he was in the middle of an interview. Overtaken with excitement, the Hunger Games actress chickened out last second and ran away smiling and giggling like a little school girl. Check out the video here, scroll to 2:30.

Jennifer then ran back over to Bridges and gave him a hug.  After apologizing for interrupting his interview she admitted she was, “such a big fan.”

One of the reporters then handed Lawrence their microphone to interview Jeff. Jennifer gasped, took the mic and asked Bridges, “ What was your favorite movie that you’ve ever done?  Who is your favorite character?” Joking a

round J-Law added, “does it rhyme with The Schmood?” which was Bridges character, The Dude, that he played in the film The Big Lebowski.

Jennifer Lawrence interviews Jeff Bridges

Jennifer Lawrence interviews Jeff Bridges

Instead of answering her question, Bridges told her about a movie he’d just seen directed by Scott Cooper.  Bragging about the movie he says, “Out of the Furnace. Wait till you see it, it’s great.”

Jennifer Lawrence was so in awe by the presence of the actor that after she agreed to watch the movie there was a tiny little awkward moment of silence. Jeff intervened and said, “great to see you,” to which the starstruck actress spit back, “sooo great to see you.”

To put the icing on the cake, Bridges added, “I love your work.”

Lawrence then gave back the mic, came down with a case of the giggles and admitted, “oh my god that was so cool.”

So down to earth and real, that’s why ITM loves J-Law. However, this is not the first time Jen has been shocked by an A-List actor.  At the Oscars, Jack Nicholson videobombed Lawrence during an interview with George Stephanopoulos.

Lawrence covered  her mouth and gasped in awe at the sight of  the legend.  Jack told her she looked like “an old girlfriend.”

“Do I look like a new girlfriend?” Jennifer joked back.

“I thought about it,” Jack replied.

Lawrence then turned around with wide eyes in shock, “oh my god”, she said, “this is my life now.”

Jeez Jen, you know how many fans you have that would become starstruck to meet you!?

Lawrence will be returning to the big screen later this year when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set to release.