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By ITM Staff



“In The Mixx” met up with director Thor Freudenthal at a screening for his upcoming film, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”, in the Hamptons, where he discussed how he’s one of the few directors left, it seems, who still shoots on film.  “I enjoy shooting on 35mm film.  We were maybe one of the last films to do that as my suspicion.  But the director of photography and I saw eye-to-eye,” Freudenthal told ITM.  “35mm gives you the most latitude, that’s all, you know, big words but the best, crispest, wonderful image.”


ITM also had the opportunity to talk to Chris Columbus, the director of the first Percy Jackson movie, “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” and the producer of the sequel.  He told ITM about casting the star of the film, Logan Lerman, for the first movie Percy Jackson movie.  “I had seen Logan Lerman in “3:10 to Yuma and it was one of those situations where you know you’re seeing someone who is going to be a major star”, Columbus told ITM.  “I thought his performance as a young boy in that movie was amazing.  And I fought pretty hard to cast him in the first Percy Jackson.”  A casting decisions that surprised Columbus was casting Stanley Tucci as “Dionysus”.  “That was a complete surprise to me, that he would first of all agree to do it and because I admire him so much as an actor, he’s brilliant.”


Tucci told ITM that he accepted the role because of his kids.  “I was really excited.  Because I like the books. I read the books with my son.  I like the first movie.”

Tucci likes to make movies his kids can see, “It’s a great thing when you can make a movie that your kids can see.  That doesn’t always happen, as we know.”

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