Melissa McCarthy Will Reunite With Paul Feig For Spy Comedy

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By ITM Staff

Melissa McCarthy. Photo by Chris Pizzello/AP.

Good news: Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig are reuniting for a third film, and this time McCarthy will take center stage.


Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig. Photo by Getty Images.

The project, which Feig will direct and also wrote, is a spy comedy called “Susan Cooper” and will center around a Bond-style heroine.

“I don’t want her [to be able] to beat up a 300-pound giant guy,” Feig told Page Six. “She has to use her wits to do it. Women make the best spies because they can figure out how to get in with somebody, gain their trust and be a friend.”

But Feig didn’t completely rule out letting McCarthy play an action hero again, as she did in “The Heat.”

“If she has to kick ass in some way, she can,” he added.


Melissa McCarthy as “Mullins” and Sandra Bullock as “Ashburn” in “The Heat.” Twentieth Century Fox.

The pair have previously worked together on hits “Bridesmaids,” and this summer’s “The Heat.”

And Feig has made no secret of his admiration for female comedians. In May he penned a column for “The Hollywood Reporter” on “Why Men Aren’t Funny.

“Hail to thee, funny women,” he wrote. “Continue to remove the bushels from your bright and uproarious lights, and we in the know will laugh politely at the “funny men” as we wink to one another behind their desperate but well-meaning backs.”

The film is set to begin production next year, and we hear that if all goes well for “Susan Cooper,” it could become a franchise.

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