Daily Mixx Fixx

By ITM Staff


On Wednesday, Sharon Osbourne was on “The Arsenio Hall Show”, and had no problem expressing how she felt about the women on “The View.”


In this video, Sharon, her panelists from “The Talk”, and Arsenio Hall, who each have an alcohol filled red solo cup, discuss how their talk show is different from “The View.”


While Julie Chen answers the question with poise, Sharon makes disgusted faces, finishes her drink, and then cuts her off.


“Let’s cut to the chase”, Sharon said.  “Barbara, idolize her.  Divine.  She is superhuman, I love Barbara Walters- the rest can go f- -k themselves.”


Jenny McCarthy, the newest member of the group, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sherri Shepherd are just not feeling the love from Mrs. Osbourne.


That’s Your Latest In The Mixx Fixx.