Helena Bonham Carter’s Mom Should Mums The Word

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By ITM Staff


Isn’t it a rule? Moms shouldn’t set their kids up on a blind date? Ever! Or never?!

And… in most cases, say if you’re an Academy-award nominated actress, moms should mums the word when offering any career advice as well?

Helena Bonham Carter is a phenomenal actress who makes it look simple each and every time she transforms herself into a completely new and intriguing on-screen character. From starring roles in “Fight Club,” to “Les Misérables,” Carter has proven time and time again that she is an original talent, whose performances keep the acting bar way high in Hollywood.

Carter recently revealed to IN THE MIXX host, Gina Giordan, that her recent film transformation into Elizabeth Taylor, wouldn’t have happened if she had listened to mummy’s career advice.

According to Carter, when her mum heard she was going to portray Elizabeth Taylor in the film “Burton and Taylor” with fellow Brit and “The Hour” star Dominic West, Carter said Mummy shockingly replied, “Are you completely crazy? I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole!  It’s a stupid thing to do!”

Initially Carter admitted that she was daunted at the prospect of transforming herself into a legendary on-screen icon. Thankfully, Helena didn’t listen to Mummy’s harsh advice, which may have motivated her to research even harder for the role.

Carter told ITM, ”I said, ‘I know, but I’m still going to have to do it.”

Carter, explained that she tried everything from astrology to graphology to learn more about Taylor’s personality.

Carter was a huge fan of Taylor’ and said,  ”She was as sensational on the inside as she was on the outside, so I just collected all these colors and then just tried to shove it all in there.”

In the end, Mummy loved her daughter’s portrayal of Taylor.

“She took it back once she saw the film!” Carter said.


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Helena Bonham Carter poses for an ITM Celebrity Selfie.


ITM had a blast going one-on-one with Carter, who also defended her “Lone Ranger” co-star Johnny Depp from the negative reviews and even had time for a celebrity selfie break with ITM host Gina Giordan! Check out ITM’s Celebrity Selfie Shot exclusive video:



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