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By ITM Staff


Tina Fey’s Golden Globe co-host Amy Poehler, had a steamy night hosting thanks to her partner in crime, U2’s Bono who won Best Original Song for “Ordinary Love” in “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.”

ITM has an exclusive interview with Bono and The Edge describing what inspired them to write the Golden Globe winning Best Original Song.

“People are loving this song,” Bono told ITM.  “We put it out for this Mandela movie which is a very, very big deal this movie.  It’s made by South African producers and there’s a remarkable cast.  We did our first job for Nelson Mandela, I was 18, Edge was 17, for the Anti-Apartheid Group in Dublin in our teens, in the seventies.  We’ve been working for Nelson Mandela for most of our life.  He’s had us all fighting for these AIDS drugs.  That was under his orders and his partner, Desmond Tutu, The Arch.  So, we’ve had these great African men tell us what to do for quite a while and receiving orders from them is quite a privilege.”

tina fey adult son

The show really started to heat up when Poehler came out dressed as Tina Fey’s adult son Randy. Randy boy “from a previous marriage” fired up the crowd as he stalked the Weinstein Co. table, alongside Idris Elba, and Harvey Weinstein and shouted on camera, “Is this him? Is this my dad?”

Speaking about dressing up, Poehler made ITM’s best-dressed list.


poehlers dresses

Poehler was smokin’ hot in all three of the dresses she wore. Her first look was a stunning black belted Stella McCarthy column dress that she premiered on the red carpet.  For Amy’s opening monologue with Fey she donned a body con teal Stella McCarthy number and she closed out the evening in a black and white Stella McCarthy color black strapless gown.

Yet, the festivities hit a real boiling point after Poehler immediately won for best actress in a comedy series, “Parks and Recreations.” The Hostess was caught on camera in a sloppy yet sultry make-out session with Sir Bono!


Clooney and Poehler

Now, don’t get ya panties in an uproar, the lip lock session was completely simulated and an homage to a hilarious comedy bit from last years award show.  In real life, both Poehler and Bono are in happy relationships. The SNL alum is known to put it all out there for a laugh- in 2013, Amy pulled a similar move, yet the camera cut to her in George Clooney’s lap while sipping champagne and “flirting” when her nominated category was announced.  She unfortunately didn’t get a kiss from Clooney last year…. Hmmm maybe because she didn’t win?

Poehler expressed her surprise at winning the Golden Globe when giving her acceptance speech, “I didn’t expect to win because I’ve never won.”

The moment was made even more memorable by the fact that she also made Golden Globe history by being the first host of the Golden Globes to win while hosting.

This was her first “GG” win.

Poehler is on a hot streak right now- the Golden Globe winner is starring in the upcoming film “They Came Together” with Paul Rudd, which is premiering next week at the Sundance Film Festival.

ITM caught up with Poehler at the world premiere for Poehler’s film “A.C.O.D.” at Sundance 2013 ITM got an exclusive interview.  She described what it was like to host the 2013 Golden Globes.

Stay tuned for exclusive Sundance 2014 coverage with In The Mixx!