Justin Bieber smiles for the camera in his mugshot. Photo by Miami Beach Police Department



Daily Mixx Fixx

By ITM Staff



Well, well, well… The inevitable moment has finally come. Justin Bieber’s luck has finally run out.


The 19 year old was arrested in Miami Beach early this morning for suspicion of a DUI.


Oddly enough, Miami Beach Police confirmed the arrest via… Twitter? You read that right, police are using twitter to confirm the arrests of celebrities. That’s a whole different story in itself.


Back to the pop star- the police report, which was recently released via Miami Beach Police Twitter, states that Bieber resisted arrest and also used vulgar language when addressing the officers. Reportedly he dropped 20 “F” bombs directed at the arresting officer. Strategic Biebs.


The report also states that when performing a field sobriety test, he “did not perform to standards.” Digging himself into a deeper hole, Bieber later agreed to a breath test as well as a drug evaluation. While the results of each have not yet been released, it’s pretty easy to imagine he may not have passed with flying colors.


Speaking of colors, Biebs was held over night stripped down to “red” scrubs versus green. Red scrubs signify the defendant is in isolation versus just being thrown into the Miami Mixx.


Biebs bond was set for  $2,500. Chump change for the pop star.


We hear Biebs isn’t wasting any time, he reportedly hired Roy Black, the high powered attorney to the stars, (Rush Limbough and Kelsey Grammer) to bail him out of trouble with the least amount of damage to his criminal record. Good call Biebs.


From all the negative buzz surrounding Bieber recently, ITM hopes this incident (that could have killed innocent people) will be a wake up call for the singer. By the look of his mug shot, Biebs doesn’t look like he’s ready to grow up just yet.


ITM can only hope the Biebs will realize sooner than later – that consuming prescription drugs, smoking marijuana, abusing alcohol, and THEN drag racing is a recipe for disaster every time.


Come on J. Biebs!  Get ya act together!  Hire a driver like most ridiculously young, rich, and educated people. You won’t be 19 forever!


Only time can tell if this bad boy will stay out of trouble, but in the meantime “Beliebers” have a brand spankin’ new picture of their beloved Bieber!


That’s your latest In The Mixx Fixx!