Bravo’s NYC Housewife, LuAnne De Lesseps Channeled Marilyn Monroe for Spring!

Countess LuAnn and boyfriend, Jacques Azoulay attended the Launch Party for the Event Society Launch Party At the Box in downtown NYC. The founding partners of Event Society are Renee Lyn, Francois Belizaire and Chris Barriteau.

LuAnn donned a white halter top dress reminiscent of Monroe, “Yes, I was going for Marilyn tonight!” In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Correspondent and Host of In the Mixx, Gina Giordan, LuAnn pointed to her neck jewels and revealed she is about to launch a jewelry collection, “This is a new design of my new Countess LuAnn collection by the way.” The Countess revealed on the down low that she is gearing up and creating designs, “Yeah. I’m working on a collection.” The official launch date will be during the premiere of Season 5 NYC Housewives. LuAnne shared, “I’m working on a collection of jewelry, and it’s very exciting. It’s exciting because that’s one of the great perks of being on the Housewives show is you get to do some fabulous things, which is make a jewelry line.”