Michael C. Hall at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival


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By ITM Staff


Michael C. Hall is best known as the serial killer we have all come to love, Dexter Morgan. Though the hit Showtime series, “Dexter” has come to an end, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of this gorgeous ginger.


ITM recently caught up with Hall at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival where he’s premiering his new film “Cold in July.” Though his character, Richard Dane, does kill a man in the film, he doesn’t enjoy it nearly as much as his previous character Dexter would.


During ITM’s exclusive interview, Hall explains, “Yeah, he feels remorse, he didn’t mean to kill this person, he didn’t feel any inherent need to kill this person. Actually, I finished Dexter and went straight to Kingston, New York to shoot this movie and it was nice because, I was left, when Dexter ended with a feeling of what have I done? And you know, kind of revisit the idea of murderer from a more everyday perspective.”


While ITM is loving Hall on the big screen, we couldn’t help but wonder if he’d be returning to the comforts of our living rooms any time soon.


ITM host Gina Giordan asked the 42 year old if we’d be seeing him on the small screen again.


Hall responded, “I mean, I finished “Six Feet Under” and said that I’d never do a television series again and then “Dexter” came along and so I’ve learned to never say never. I certainly have trouble wrapping my mind around the idea of it right now but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of returning to something.”


And just at that moment, fans everywhere rejoiced! The question is- When Michael!?


Even though fans can’t get their weekly fix of the handsome hunk, they can still catch him in his new film, “Cold in July,” and even get a glimpse of his murderous ways.


Well there you have it folks, never say never! ITM will be waiting patiently by our televisions for your return Michael!


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