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By ITM Staff

He’s sexy… He’s groovy… He’s a super talented award winning actor… So, it’s no wonder William H. Macy was ambushed by a blonde fan at his Sundance directorial debut!


During an exclusive interview with ITM Host, Gina Giordan, at the Sundance premiere for “Rudderless” William H. Macy was literally ambushed on the red carpet.


A blonde woman ran onto the red carpet and rushed the actor.  Security guards lunged towards the woman, who jumped on Macy from behind.  Macy jumped back in shock and then a quick wave of relief, when Macy realized the “super fan” was his wife, Felicity Huffman, co-star of his latest film, “Rudderless,” also starring Billy Crudup and Anton Yelchin.


Once Macy realized the jumping blonde was his wife, he gave in and the love birds instantly embraced oblivious to the fact that they just created the perfect picture on the red carpet.


ITM’s Fav Indie Couple at Sundance has been married for 14+ years and Bill told ITM the key to a happy marriage is “marrying Felicity Huffman.”


When ITM asked Huffman if she had to audition for her role in “Rudderless,” Huffman joked, “It helps when you’re sleeping with the director.  The casting couch is alive and well.”


You can catch ITM’s exclusive coverage of Macy, Huffman and more inside ITM’s Sundance Special 2014 premiering soon!  Keep watching!


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