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By ITM Staff


In the latest episode of The Chronicles of Bieber, ITM hears that Justin Bieber spent the weekend desperately seeking religious redemption.

That’s right, the rebellious teen reportedly spent the weekend searching for a private pool in Manhattan, in order to conduct a baptism-like ceremony. Although Bieber was baptized as a child, we hear that he was hoping to conduct a “cleansing ritual” with the Hillsong Church NYC.

And he’s got a lot to cleanse away: alleged DUIs, assaulting limo drivers, and now most recently, his habit of hanging out with strippers.

His erratic behavior has even had Miley Cyrus worried, and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez begging him to seek help.

Unfortunately, poor Biebs couldn’t find a pool in time.

That might be why the Christian popstar sought out a couple of fans in the flagship New York Apple store, and gifted them some new iPhones in their favorite colors.


Bieber fan

A happy fan poses with Justin Bieber after he bought her a new iPhone. 


Was Bieber seeking a different kind of redemption?


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