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It’s time for ITM’s favorite day of the year: Happy Galentine’s Day!


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That’s right, it’s time to grab your gal pals and celebrate your lady-bro-ships with a tasteful brunch today, before tomorrow’s more traditional Valentine’s Day.

And, just in time, ITM has rounded up a list of our favorite celebrity girl crushes to inspire your own Galentine’s day dates!


Celeb Galentine 1: Amy Poehler

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Why: Poehler’s “Parks and Rec” character, “Lesley Knope,” is the inventor of Galentine’s Day, so who better to celebrate with? After her success hosting the Golden Globes again, Poehler’s also starring in “They Came Together” with Paul Rudd, which premiered at Sundance this year.

Gal Date: A classic girly drunch (drunk-brunch) where you exchange handmade gifts.



Celeb Galentine 2: Rachel McAdams

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Why: McAdams will always be “Regina George” to us, but she’s been showing off her acting chops in “A Most Wanted Man” with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Gal Date: “Mean Girls” quote-a-long – like a singalong but so much more fetch.



Celeb Galentine 3: Aubrey Plaza

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Why: She’s quirky, weird, and has the perfect deadpan. What more do you want from a BFF? Plus we hear that Plaza had a pretty kinky on-set ritual while she was shooting her latest movie, “Life After Beth”…

Gal Date: A trip to the Judy Garland Museum with this obsessive fan.



Celeb Galentine 4: Cobie Smulders

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Why: Because “Robin Scherbatsky” is always down for a good time, and now Smulders is proving that even though “How I Met Your Mother” is almost over, she’ll be making the leap to films pretty seamlessly, with her performance in “They Came Together.”

Gal Date: A round at Maclaren’s.



Celeb Galentine 5: Elisabeth Moss

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Why: This Golden Globe winner charmed us as “Peggy” in “Mad Men,” and is now proving that smart girls can make it in Hollywood, with upcoming roles in films “The One I Love” and “Listen Up Philip.”

Gal Date: Drinking at the office, in true “Mad Men” style.



Celeb Galentine 6: Gabourey Sidibe

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Why: We’ve been spellbound by Sidibe’s performance as young witch “Queenie,” in “American Horror Story: Coven,” and she’s just as badass in real life as she is on-screen. Next up for Sidibe is an appearance in Gregg Araki’s latest offering, “White Bird in a Blizzard.”

Gal Date: A horror movie marathon with this scream queen.


The best thing about our picks for celebrity Galentines? They’re all in Movies You’re Gonna Wanna Watch, which ITM will be bringing you all season-long!


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