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By ITM Staff


You can always count on the BAFTA awards for a few upsets, and last night was no exception. Having completely shut out acting frontrunner “Dallas Buyers Club,” and with little love for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” last night was ripe for some shocking surprises.


#1: Jennifer Lawrence won Best Supporting Actress


It’s not that we’re surprised that Jennifer Lawrence got the award for her turn in “American Hustle,” so much as that clearly she was so surprised that she didn’t even bother to turn up. Perhaps transatlantic flight prices have gone up?


#2: Barkhad Abdi won Best Supporting Actor


A well-deserved win for Barkhad Abdi, the Somalian actor who made his stunning screen debut in “Captain Philips.” We hear Tom Hanks nearly cried when the win was announced, he was so proud of his co-star’s success. It might have helped that Jared Leto, who’s been winning in this category so far, wasn’t even nominated for a BAFTA for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club.”


#3: Chiwetel Ejiofor beat Leo for Best Actor

Jesse Grant

Apparently the Brits prefer heroes to anti-heroes. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s dignified performance as “Solomon Northup,” the true story of a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery in “12 Year’s A Slave,” won him his first BAFTA. He beat Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Jordan Belfort,” the amoral “Wolf of Wall Street.”


#4: “12 Years a Slave” took Best Picture

12 years

Perhaps not so surprising after its run of award-show wins, “12 Years A Slave” won the big award. However, it was still up against heavyweights like the groundbreaking “Gravity” and the all-star ensemble of “American Hustle.”


#5: Will Poulter took home the “Rising Star” award


Who is Will Poulter, and why did the British public vote for him over Lupita Nyong’o, Dane DeHaan, and Lea Seydoux as their favorite rising star? Poulter starred in “We’re The Millers” this summer with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, and previously played “Eustace Scrubb” in “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” The British native has apparently proved popular with the general public, as this category was decided by public vote.


#6: Emma Thompson made it a family affair

thompson family

Emma Thompson brought her family on the red carpet with her, bucking the trend toward “dates only.” With her: husband Greg Wise, daughter Gaia Wise, and adopted son Tindyebwa Agaba Wise. Thompson was nominated for her role in “Saving Mr. Banks,” playing the author of “Mary Poppins,” P. L. Travers. Unfortunately, Thompson lost out to Cate Blanchett for her role in “Blue Jasmine” for the Best Actress award.


#7: Brangelina made a rare appearance


Front and center for the BAFTAs, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took to the red carpet to support “12 Years A Slave,” which was produced by Pitt’s production company, “Plan B.” After dazzling on the red carpet, the pair took their seats and were rewarded with that Best Picture win!


12 years award

Brad Pitt with fellow “12 Years A Slave” producers Steve McQueen, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Anthony Katagas. 



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