Meryl Davis and Charlie White were overjoyed to win gold medals last night. Photo by Chang W. Lee / The New York Times.



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By ITM Staff


There’s another gold medal we can add to the list!

Team USA ice dancing team Meryl Davis and Charlie White made history yesterday in Sochi, when they won the nation’s first ever Olympic gold medal in ice dancing.

Davis and White danced their way to gold, to the tune of classical piece “Scheherazade,” and looked like they were having fun! They’re making us at ITM want to take up a new sport…


ice dance 2

Meryl Davis and Charlie White dance their way to a gold medal. Photo by Alexander Demianchuk.


The pair, who won silver in Vancouver in 2010, have been training hard since their last effort. They’ve been skating together since 1997, although they grew up 10 minutes apart from each other. Since then they have competed in two Winter Olympics.

All that hard work paid off yesterday when they danced their way to the top score with a passionate and energetic performance.

They even beat their old rivals (and training partners – ITM wouldn’t want to be on that flight home!) Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who took home the gold in Vancouver.

But, it was a truly international victory, as Davis and White’s coach, Russian Marina Zoueva, cheered on from the sidelines. And their moms, best friends Cheryl Davis and Jacqui White have been supporting them from the very start, so much so that the ice dancers consider them their “good luck charms.”

Congratulations, Team USA!

And we wish the best of luck to all the athletes who have yet to compete this year, before the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics draws to a close this Sunday.


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