Pharrell and his now infamous hat at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage.


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By ITM Staff


When Pharrell Williams stepped foot on the 2014 Grammy Awards red carpet, no one could imagine the attention he would get.


Surprisingly, the attention was less about him and more about his Vivienne Westwood ‘Mountain’ hat. While the Internet was abuzz with funny tweets and Instagrams about the high hat, Pharrell played along.


Even the fast food chain “Arby’s” got involved!

Arbys Tweet

The tweet prompted retweets from conglomerates including Pepsi and Hyundai USA but it was Pharrell himself who came back with the funniest of them all!

pharrell tweet

The hat also caused a social media meme frenzy!


One company in particular, DesignCrowd is responsible for some of the most hilarious photo shopped pics of all including Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and even Queen Elizabeth wearing the head piece.

miley hat madonna hat queen hat

Leave it to good guy Pharrell to take the media attention and spin it into a good cause. The singer decided to put the brown hat up on eBay to raise money for his From One Hand to AnOTHER charity, which provides arts and educational resources for children.


So far, the bid is at a wopping $15,100 dollars!


If you want to get your hands on this famous hat there’s still time! The auction will go on for another 3 days when we predict the bids will skyrocket because who wouldn’t want a piece of Pharrell?


So get out your checkbooks… err… PayPal accounts and get to clicking for a good cause!


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