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We have a saying at ITM: no matter how bad your night it is, at least it will be an entertaining story in the morning.

And that’s exactly what “Hot Mess” is.

It’s not “That Girl,” it’s not “Sex and the City,” and it’s not “Girls,” because it’s all TRUE! Starting March 5, the ladies at “Hot Mess” will be premiering a new episode weekly where they re-enact an extremely awkward or embarrassing TRUE story! The unique series draws its story lines straight from reality – either from the producers’ lives or from stories submitted by fans. Each cringeworthy episode just might inspire you to submit your own “messy” stories.

From walking straight into a fountain, to getting spat at by a stranger, “Hot Mess” covers a lot of messy ground. Originally, webisode subjects were sourced from the cast, but they now accept online submissions so that you can see that terrible blind date you had re-enacted too!

We’re excited to hear that the third season of “Hot Mess” premieres March 5, with a lot more cringeworthy stories!

ITM caught up with “Hot Mess” co-producers Amy Kersten and Cheri Paige Fogleman, who return with the rest of their talented cast of up-and-coming comediennes and make up the core friendship group in “Hot Mess.” This core group of girls admit they are a “Hot Mess” – never lacking in story lines with an endless well of hilarious tales to tell.


Below are answers to some of ITM’s “messiest” questions!


ITM: How did you two meet and come up with the idea for the series?

CPF: “We met at our mutual survival job at a high-end health club. A TV fell on Amy’s face and with the settlement from that Hot Mess story she decided to tell more Hot Mess stories.”

AK: “Truth is funnier than fiction. I had had the idea for a the show for a while. People would request some of my Hot Mess stories to be told at parties and I thought “what if we did a series where every event came from real life?”  When I got my settlement from the TV, it seemed possible to take a stab at a first season. Most of the stories in Season 1 happened to me. And the second episode happened to me and Cheri. She was a great fit for the the project and the first co-producer to come on board.”

CPF: “I just came to set the first day to get coffee or hold a boom mic, or…something (!)  but I ended up  helping direct and design the set etc…that was the “Robbed” episode.”



ITM: Have you had any “Hot Mess”type incidents happen on-set?

AK: “Constantly. It’s sort of how we knew we were on to something. Even if the episode isn’t funny, worst case scenario, we’ve always got hilarious outtakes. Producing on a budget and a time crunch lends itself to Hot Mess situations.”

CPF: “We’ve broken like 3 slates, and accidentally left one on the West Side Hwy (while shooting Season 3’s “No Bra, No Shoes, No Service”) for like, 8 hours while we shot at another location. When we came back it was still there.”

AK: “And someone had written on it. Oh! We (accidentally, again) left a boom mic in a cab, and Cheri trekked to Queens to the TCL Lost and Found, but somehow didn’t have her wallet with her and…?”

CPF: “And, I didn’t have my wallet…to show proof that it was me…They finally let me have it back after I showed them a headshot with my name on it.”



ITM: This season you’ve added three new cast members – Yasha Jackson, Julia Granacki, and Molly Coogan – what was the casting process and how did you know that they were right for the cast?

AK: “Molly actually helped produce part of Season 1. She was on tour during Season 2 but we were thrilled to have her back for Season 3. As our friend and colleague, she fills the “Type A” role which we thought would balance the ensemble as well as it balances our producing team. Julia was the dry, menu-reading waitress in Season 2’s “Butter My Bread.” She nailed that part in one take and we knew that she had be to part of the cast. Julia and I met in a terrible off off Broadway play. She would sneak sips of whiskey from a flask backstage while wearing a cat costume. I basically fell in love. Also, she directed “Angel of Harlem” and “Fruit Flies” (Season 2), but we wanted her deadpan bitchiness to be a more prominent character for Season 3. Yasha was already friends with Mary Catherine Green, and she had expressed interest in the show. She auditioned for us and she absolutely blew us away. She had this great pious quality, in spite of any bad decisions, that we felt could really add to our ensemble. Because we reenact only true stories, it’s helpful that the Mess reenacting the mess fits the qualities of the story teller. We think the ensemble of 7 women we have now can really cover any crazy story that get’s thrown at us.”



ITM: What’s the strangest submission you’ve had for the series?

AK: “Oh wow…we’ve had some doozies. We have a ton of crazy wedding stories we’d love to turn into a episode. There are 10 stories that would play out as one messed up wedding. Highlights involve a massacre of butterflies above the newlyweds by a flock of bats, the bride falling into a pool with the pastor, a passed out bridesmaid being rolled away on a luggage cart and the bride ultimately getting knocked out cold by a groomsman.”



ITM: What’s the worst Hot Mess you’ve gotten yourself into yet haven’t portrayed on the series yet?

AK: “Sometimes the stories are too expensive to produce. We have one in an airport that involves a metal detector and special bra. I dream of being able to shoot that one day.”

CPF: “Oh! And all the taxi cab series! We have a ton of stories that happened in cabs. I took a cab home from the theater one night, but realized when I got home that I didn’t have money (or my wallet–I had left it at the theater–yes, there’s a theme here). The cabbie started to drive me back to the theater–after I promised I wouldn’t run off, and I would pay for everything…there was a lot of back and forth–and then my phone died and I couldn’t call the theater to get in. He was so mad he just left me on the FDR somewhere and I walked home, in the dark, to Harlem, crying…and then someone yelled at me, “hey, snowflake, you alright?” I was like, do I look alright?!? But, I was alright. Once I got my wallet back!”



ITM: What’s your best way to recover from a “Hot Mess” situation?

AK & CPF: “Laugh about it!!”

CPF: “But seriously, when all the shit hits the fan, it’s better to be kind to yourself and acknowledge that no one is perfect and mistakes happen.”

AK: “Also, scratches heal, insurance pays for the damage, and that guy probably wasn’t worth it anyway. What lasts is a damn good story. A story you can laugh about for years to come. It’s good to remember that when things go wrong.”



Sound advice from the “Hot Mess” ladies! And if you’re as excited as we are to see what the new season has in store then check out the trailer:




Need to play catch up? You can experience the previous two seasons of “Hot Mess” here.

The third season of “Hot Mess” premieres March 5 on YouTubeITM will be watching, will you? Let us know what you think!


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