Kathy Griffin feels the heat from “Lovatics”
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By ITM Staff


Comedian Kathy Griffin has found herself in hot water once again.

During a twitter chat with Griffin this week she was asked who the “biggest douche celebrity” she’s ever met was to which she replied Demi Lovato!

Well, that’s when all hell broke loose for the fiery redhead.

Demi’s “Lovatics” proved to be just that when they took to Twitter to lash out at Griffin for her comments.

Some fans went as far as to send death threats saying “I’ll slit your throat” and “If I had a gun and I had 2 bullets left, id shoot you twice.”

Talk about angry fans…

Fortunately Lovato took the high road when it came to her fans malicious tweets saying, “I love you guys so much but y’all gotta chill with sending hate towards other people. Regardless of what they say or do.. The cruel things some of you are saying can really, REALLY hurt people. It’s called cyber-bullying and somethings should NEVER be wished upon EVER. No matter WHAT. It makes me so sad to see how mean people can really be after all I’ve spoken out about anti-bullying.”

While Griffin may have pushed it by calling Lovato a “douche” it was the “Lovatics” who really took it overboard. Hopefully these two can make up and be an example for these crazy fans!

After all, Kathy has feelings too- Check out her interview with ITM about what it “really is to be professional and funny and have a heart and have a life.”

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