Craig Ferguson at his desk.
Photo: CBS


Daily Mixx Fixx

By ITM Staff

With Jay Leno out to pasture and David Letterman on his way, the formerly well manicured late-night landscape has been sheared to shreds. Stephen Colbert will be leaving his 11:30 show on Comedy Central to take over the helm at CBS, while Chelsea Handler decided to pull the plug on her own E! show. But the aftershocks from this seismic shift are far from over.

Yesterday, “Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson announced he’d be concluding his hosting duties by the end of the year, telling Variety that he “wanted to leave the show before he stopped enjoying it.” Contrary to the belief that Dave’s job was his to lose, Craig insists “I had no desire — none — to do that job. I could barely keep it together at 12:30, never mind 11:30.”

But for those adamant fans of his, the “barely kept together” vibe was why they kept coming back. Halfway between a real talk show and a parody of one, Craig’s “Late Late Show” is a bright, cheeky, heavily off-the-cuff experience that constantly breaks convention. Just try and name one other show with a robot sidekick and an invisible band behind a curtain!

Already occupied with other projects like “Celebrity Name Game” (which he is the host and producer of), Craig is looking towards the future with confidence. Nevertheless, we’ll miss him and his ridiculous Scottish accent!

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