James Franco stops by “Late Night with David Letterman.”
Photo: CBS


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By ITM Staff

This is just getting weird.  James Franco has YET AGAIN commented on his odd behavior.  This time he’s talking nude selfies.

The “Palo Alto” actor stopped by “Late Night with David Letterman and the host couldn’t help but ask about his infamous almost nude selfie captioned, “jump rope.”  Even though the actor took the racy pic down after only about an hour, it seems it wasn’t because he was embarrassed or ashamed of the photo.

The 36-year-old instead insisted, “It’s not like I’m putting that on billboards.  Ostensibly, Instagram is for my fans.  But now all the bloggers are following me on there so they’ll just take it and use my images for whatever they want.”  The actor went on to shout, “it’s what the people want!”

Okay, so James is simply giving the people what the people want!  Still, this odd behavior seems to have come at a very convenient time.  Could it be Franco is still trying to draw attention to his new flick, “Palo Alto” which stars Franco as a much older high school soccer coach having an affair with a much younger student.

Mister Pro Instagram said, “It gets a lot of attention.  I have a lot of followers on Instagram.”  Maybe James is smarter than we all think.  He knows his Instagram gets attention and he’s not afraid to use it!  So, love him or hate him-  James gets people talkin’!

His new film, “Palo Alto” starring Franco along with Emma Roberts and Jack Kilmer is in theaters now.

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