James Franco spills more details about Lindsay Lohan.
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By ITM Staff

James Franco is at it again!

After Lindsay Lohan’s “sex list” was released to the public a few months ago, Franco went on Howard Stern’s show to address the rumors that he had ever slept with the “Mean Girls” actress.  The actor denied, denied, denied the rumors and even portrayed Ms. Lohan in a not so nice light saying she was “delusional.”

The “Spider-Man” actor has now taken to Vice Magazine to pen a new story titled, “Bungalow 89” which centers around a troubled Hollywood starlet named Lindsay and even writes she “was a talented child actress, and now she’s famous because she gets into trouble.”

Hmmm… it’s all adding up!

While Lindsay has stayed silent on the matter, James seems to have no problem promoting his new “story.”

This isn’t the first time James has written a noteworthy story.  The actor recently wrote and starred in “Palo Alto.”  The film, which premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, centers around a high school student, played by Emma Roberts, who has a love affair with her much older soccer coach.  The film seemed to mirror his most recent Instagram scandal where he attempted to meet up with a 17-year-old girl in a hotel room.

MYWW caught up with the stars of “Palo Alto” at the festival where James said, “It started as a book, I wrote it when I was in graduate school and, and then when I published it I just naturally thought about adapting it into a film.”

Maybe Lindsay Lohan can star in the movie adaptation of “Bungalow 89!”

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