James Franco.
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By ITM Staff

James Franco is trying to add “aspiring poet” to his job description and it looks like no one is safe.

After recently releasing a Lindsay Lohan themed short story, Franco is back at his celebrity inspired writing style with his latest collection of published poetry titled “Directing Herbert White.”

While one poem in the collection targets Lohan, this time in poetic form, another poem adopts the voice of the late River Pheonix. It’s Franco’s ode to Heath Ledger, however, that is garnering all the attention.

In his poem titled “Ledger,” he writes, “There had been a time/ When we were up for the same roles,/ 10 Things I Hate about You/ (Based on The Taming of the Shrew),/ And The Patriot— / Funny, you were Australian and so was Mel—/ You were the knight in A Knight’s Tale/ Although I’m sure you wished you weren’t.”

Although it looks like Franco has become an expert at stating the obvious and calling it poetry, he explained to the Chicago Humanities Festival that his poems are “trying to say something in addition to what they’re saying on the surface.”

This isn’t Franco’s first attempt at producing a collection of written work. The actor’s recent film, “Palo Alto,”  is based on a series of linked stories from Franco’s book also titled “Palo Alto.”

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