Terrence Howard with his ex-wife.
Photo: Getty Images
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By ITM Staff

Terrence Howard has gone from “Hustle and Flow” to “hustled and broke!” The Oscar-nominated actor is facing a lawsuit from his ex-wife Michelle who claims he hasn’t paid $325K in spousal support since their divorce in 2012.

For his part, Howard claims he could never provide the sum Michelle is asking for, since he already makes child support payments to a different ex-wife. This leaves him with only $5,878 a month, not nearly enough to make all the 49 payments Michelle alleges he missed.

Yet it wasn’t long ago that Howard was at the top of his game, being paid an astonishing $6 Million to be in “Iron Man,” a salary even larger than Robert Downey Jr’s! Howard himself has said that demanding such a huge fee along with tension on the set “killed his career.”

Now that Howard is facing smaller roles with smaller payouts, it’s going to be an uphill battle to pay off the ladies in his life!

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