Grady talking on the phone with Adam Sandler.
Photo: Ask Your Dad Blog
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By ITM Staff

Funny man Adam Sandler may be a “grown up” but he still reaches out to kids like 8-year-old Leukemia patient Grady Lynch.

The actor called up Lynch after blogger John Kinnear posted the boy’s wish to have a barbecue with Sandler on his blog “Ask Your Dad.” Kinnear used to work at UPS with Grady’s father Jeff Lynch. Grady was diagnosed with Leukemia in February.

The blogger also tweeted at Sandler before getting in touch and making the call happen.

“Any of you know @AdamSandler? I’m trying to help this kid out. Please and thank you!” Kinnear tweeted.

Grady and Sandler.
Photo: Ask Your Dad Blog

The young Leukemia patient even made a three minute video with his family asking Sandler to come over.

“I’m your biggest fan. When I was going through some hard times, your movies helped me get through them like Grown Ups and Mr. Deeds,” Lynch said.

Kinnear updated the post with a picture of Grady’s phone conversation.

“Adam was fantastic and called Grady directly this evening,” Kinnear wrote. “The two of them hit it off and had a great conversation!”

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