Anna Kendrick plays the pregnant girlfriend of John Krasinski in their new film, ”The Hollars”
Photo: Anna Kendrick/Twitter 
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By ITM Staff

Anna Kendrick has dubbed John Krasinski the best boss ever – here’s why!

Kendrick has been hard at work on the set of bossman Krasinki’s feature directorial film, “The Hollars.”  As Kendrick’s 29th birthday approached, Krasinki was sure to make his co-star’s celebration one for the books.

Her “best boss” shoutout to Krasinki made its debut on Instagram when Kendrick wrote, “Krasinki found out it was my birthday and organized a trip to Graceland #WorldsBestBoss #References.”

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Anna Kendrick standing in front of Elvis Presley’s famous mansion, Graceland.  
Photo: Anna Kendrick/Instagram 

Seeing as Kendrick plays Krasinki’s pregnant girlfriend in the new film, it’s no surprise the two have become great friends while shooting it.  In the film, Krasinski plays an aspiring NYC artist who returns to his Midwest home after his mother is scheduled for brain surgery.  With a pregnant Kendrick in tow, Krasinski must navigate the complicated life he left behind.

While the film is still in development, it marks Krasinski’s second feature directorial film after his first in 2009, “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.”

Ditching the prosthetic baby bump, Kendrick can be seen dabbling in improv with her role in the dramatic comedy, “Happy Christmas.”  During the film’s Sundance Film Festival premiere, MYWW was around to get the scoop!

“It’s fun to play a mess but it’s a little scary because you feel very vulnerable,” Kendrick explained about her role in the improv film.  ”Because there’s no script, you’re drawing on your experiences, things you’ve done that you regret…it’s a very vulnerable thing.”

In the film, Kendrick plays Jenny, a reckless woman on the mend as she moves in with her brother’s family after a messy break-up.  Starring alongside Lena Dunham and Joe Swanberg, it looks like Kendrick is on a roll when it comes to racking up an impressive resumé!

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