Justin Bieber got roasted!
Photo: Comedy Central


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By Michelle DiLungo

Justin Bieber got ROASTED last night on Comedy Central!

The 21-year-old was the voluntary victim of an all out Bieber bash hosted by the hilarious Kevin Hart.

Joining Hart was a long list of celebs waiting to take their turn roasting the famous singer.  The panel included:  Rappers Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, b-baller Shaquille O’Neal, SNL star Pete Davidson, comedians Jeff Ross and Natasha Legerro, Martha Stewart and even Ron Burgundy, a.k.a. Will Ferrell!

The star-studded panel did NOT hold back!

Natasha Legerro said, “Justin’s fans are called believers because it’s politically incorrect to use the word retards.”  The comedienne continued, “Justin, Selena Gomez had to f**k you.  She is literally the least lucky Selena in all of entertainment history.”

Even Martha Stewart got in on the fun saying, “Justin, I’m sure it’s great to  have 60 million followers on Twitter, but the only place people will be following you in jail is into the shower.”

Who knew the 73-year-old had it in her!

Bieber didn’t let the roast get him down.  The “Boyfriend” singer came back with a few jokes of his own including, “What do you get when you give a teenager $200 million?  A bunch of has-beens calling you a lesbian for two hours.”

Well played, Justin!

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