Caitlyn Jenner
Photo: Vanity Fair


Daily Mixx Fixx

By ITM Team

This Father’s Day we couldn’t resist…We all know Bruce Jenner has officially transitioned into Caitlyn but fact is, she’s still a father to six children.

In honor of Caitlyn and all the other transgender fathers, here’s a list of gifts for your Dad dressed in drag!

(In no specific order)


HATER T’s – Take the highroad.  These T-Shirt speak volumes without saying a word!

Where To Buy These Hater T’s

Where To Buy These Hater T’s


Untitled 2

CHARMING CHOKERS -  The best of the best know the secret to looking fem fab is cover up that Adam’s Apple!

The more be-dazzled the better ladies!

Where To Buy This Charming Choker




CONVINCING CLEAVAGE -  How about a push up bra that helps him look like her?

They don’t call it Victoria’s Secret for nothing.  In the comfort and privacy of your own home you can shop for the perfect push up bra for Dad.  VS offers generous sizing up to  40DDD.   Can you say instant cleavage?

Where To Buy This Convincing Cleavage

 bombshell bra

FULL FEM LIPS:  Nothing is more fem then a pair of plump sexy lips!

You don’t need invasive Botox or expensive surgery to get them.

Gift Dad with one of these state of the art lip-plumpers!

Best part, it’s Au Natural!

Where To Buy These Full Fem Lips




FOOTLOOSE N FANCY FREE SNEAKS – Fitness is priority no matter what gender.  What happens when Dad wants sneakers with a more feminine edge?  No problem.  Caitlyn a size 13 in Mens can pick up her glam girlie sneakers in a size 15, thanks to Shoebuy!

This website specializes in women’s shoes made for men’s larger sized feet!

Where To Buy These Footloose N Free Sneaks


Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.08.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.08.44 PM

PERFECT PUMPS – Heels are a girls best friend and we can never have enough shoes.

Janets Closet specializes in sexy, sultry pumps made for mens larger feet.  Best of both worlds!

Where To Buy These Perfect Pumps

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.14.36 PM


LASH FOOD - Nothing says fem bot more then a pair of lush long eye lashes.

With this system your Dad will have that come hither look in 4 weeks or less!