4th of July!
Photo: Party on Boulder Store


Daily Mixx Fixx

By ITM Team

Bruce Jenner is officially Caitlyn.  The entire LGBT community can legally get hitched and NBC canceled Celebrity Apprentice.  America is evolving people!  That’s right, July 4th is just around the corner and what better time celebrate your independence!  Our team at INTHEMIXX created a sure fire list of ways to guarantee your Independence Day celebration goes off with a bang!


America the beautiful.  Look at that majestic red white and blue flag with 50 stars and stripes!  Don’t forget, in 1776 there were only 13 stars on the flag to represent the 13 original colonies who gained Independence from the British.  Today, each star on the flag represents America’s 50 states.  The American Flag is a perfect way to instantly get patriotic and celebrate your independence!  Hang it!  Carry it!  Wave it!  When you display the star spangled banner you are telling the world, “Look at me!  I am proud to be an American!”


When it comes to celebrating your independence, coordinating your wardrobe with the colors of the American flag is not only stylish but will instantly display to others you mean some serious business. Mixing the 3 basic colors or flaunting those stars and stripes, any combo of red, white and blue will instantly put you in the patriotic mood and spread the love for our great nation, America!


We established dressing up in red, white and blue on July 4th is an instant jolt of holiday spirit.  But taking the time to turn Fido into Paul Revere screams freedom for all!  Why not slip Sparky into a star-striped bandana?  Dye your Poodle’s hair to match the flag?  Deck out your Cat in stars and a top hat!  When you transform your pooch into Betsey Ross or Uncle Sam, you won’t only perk up your pet, you’ll spread Independence day holiday cheer.


You wanna take your pride for the USA to the next level?  Take it outside!  It’s an American tradition on July 4th, to create any size picnic and feast on good ‘ol American BBQ.

The festive menu includes grilled anything properly smothered in bbq sauce.  Burgers, franks, beans, corn, potato salad, watermelon and don’t forget the s’mores for dessert.

If  a picnic isn’t enough to get you in the July 4th spirit, this time of year, beer drinkers can rejoice and celebrate America with an array of star-studded July 4th themed beer cans.


Most diehard Americans would agree, our country’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without experiencing an explosion of lights in honor of America the beautiful.

Americans have been setting off fireworks in honor of Independence Day since July 4th, 1776.

One of the largest light shows that attracts millions of people every year, is the Annual Macy’s Fireworks Display in NYC on July 4th.  The famous Grucci family lights up the entire NYC skyline along the East River, to create one of the most memorable light shows in the world.

But, you don’t have to be in NYC to get your star spangled banner on.  For most cities across this great nation a fireworks show is a welcomed tradition and a perfect ending to your patriotic party.