Comic Con
Photos By: Comicon International


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By ITM Team

The San Diego Comic Con, the largest annual fan convention in the country kicked off this past weekend.  For the past 45 years, Comic Con has been synonymous with nerds and geeks meeting up to obsess over their obscure comic books in an indie scene.

More recently, indie has found a way to merge with mainstream at Comic Con.  The annual festival has truly evolved into a star-studded, dare we say Hollywood extravaganza, that offers fans direct access to several A-listers who star in the season’s most highly anticipated blockbusters.

Yet, what makes Con different from a traditional film festival are the dedicated super fans and their serious geek culture.  It’s the infamous geek action at the Con that has somehow turned well… seriously cool.  Nerds are considered sexy now, right?  Or is it just sexy people with nerdy glasses who are sexy now?  Whatever the case, Hollywood has finally caught on to the nerd action at the Con.  Superhero movies are all the rage at the moment, so it’s no surprise this year proved to be a massive Comic Con with star-studded panels for several Hollywood film franchises including:  Star Wars, Batman, and the X-Men.

The first Hollywood franchise to show some nerd love kicked off on Friday.  The force was strong and super nerdy.   Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams introduced Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Princess Leia herself– Carrie Fisher to a costumed crowd of fans of all ages that made Hall H look like a Tatooine cantina.


Among the crowd of aliens, one fan, donning a full, movie-grade Batsuit, asked his questions in his best Batman voice.  Some things in Comic Con will never change.  The cast, old and new premiered a  behind the scenes video of the highly anticipated sequel to the sci-fi classic.


As if a glimpse of the biggest movies of the year wasn’t enough, director JJ Abrams then rewarded the fans and the other attendees by inviting them all to a free Star Wars-themed concert post panel. And yes, everyone got a free lightsaber.


On Saturday, Hollywood proved they can deliver a serious nerd-gasm.   Warner Brothers released a new trailer for its most anticipated movie: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  While WB didn’t deliver free concerts, the studio certainly did not disappoint and just short of lighting up the night with the Bat-signal they delivered the entire cast in the flesh including:  (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) onstage for an extensive Q & A with fans.

But wait!  There’s more.  Warner Bros didn’t stop there.  Super geek fans went ballistic when the cast of the upcoming film, Suicide Squad including:  Will Smith and Margot Robbie surprised the masses with the trailer for the movie.  If that wasn’t enough for the nerd masses, WB revealed a sneak peek of Jared Leto’s version of The Joker.


The geek-fest continued into Sunday when X-Men and Fantastic Four paraded their A-List superheroes.  You know it’s an official nerd herd when Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman only receive a mild applause compared to the over the top welcome Fantastic Four director Josh Trank garnered.  The crowd went wild when Trank admitted he too had attended CC as a fan and now he couldn’t believe he was promoting his very own Hollywood blockbuster.


As long as there’s nerds, Hollywood will live long and prosper.